Warp Guide

Also sometimes known as the Navigator Primaris, the Warp Guide is wholly responsible for steering the vessel through the treacherous tides of the Empyrean, both the safer routes within Imperial borders, and the terrible, dark voids beyond.
The Warp Guideā€™s burden is heavy indeed; he and he alone stands as a bulwark between thousands of faithful Imperial souls and the unbridled damnations of the warp. A single mistake and terrible daemons of the Empyreal spaces will consume the vessel and all aboard it, and that horrid death will be but a prelude to the eternal torment that follows.

Career Preference
Only characters with the Navigator Career may select this Role.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Lesser Navigators on board, trusted bodyguards and assassins, emissary of the Navigator House elders.

Important Skills
Navigation (Warp): Employed for travel within the terrible Empyrean.
Trade (Astrographer): For recording the details of new warp routes.
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy): Useful when deciphering the subtleties of partial void-maps.
Forbidden Lore (The Warp): To anticipate or mitigate the worst upheavals in the Empyrean during warp travel.

The Warp Guide gains a +5 bonus to the Navigation (Stellar) skill for purposes of steering the ship through the Warp (see Rogue Trader page 183).

Warp Guide

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