Those who dwell within the enclosed environment of a voidship’s hull risk constant exposure to radiation, both from the vessel’s mighty engines and the void itself. These harsh conditions mean an increased risk of mutation. It is a lamentable fact that even the most well-maintained vessels play host to sizeable mutant populations, hordes of the deformed unfortunates lurking in unused holds and seldom-serviced bilge decks. It is the duty of the Twistcatcher to keep his ship’s mutant population in check, and in times of dire need press these malformed wastrels into service for the good of the human crew.

Career Preference
The thankless task of twistcatching is most often left to Archmilitants and Missionaries, although anyone save the Rogue Trader can perform this role.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Press gang foreman, mutant informants, bilge workers.

Important Skills
Forbidden Lore (Mutants): To better identify mutants, locate warrens, and take precautions against their dangerous mutations.
Secret Tongue (Underdecks): For gathering information from the lowest of the human crew, who often have some contact with the mutant population. Many mutants also speak this dialect, making it useful for interrogating mutant prisoners.
Tracking: To apprehend those that flee.

Immediately after Starship Combat, the Twistcatcher may raid the lower decks, replacing a portion of the dead crew with mutant slaves captured in the raid. If such a raid is undertaken, the ship regains 1D5 Crew Population but loses 1 Crew Morale.


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