Ships Steward

The vast stocks of food, water, and air upon which a crew depends must be carefully monitored and rationed, lest wanton consumption and theft lead to a crippling shortage. Someone must take charge of these resources, to see that they are used properly. To do less invites starvation, dehydration, and suffocation on a catastrophic scale.

Career Preferences
This Role is open to all Seneschals and Void-masters, as well as all characters with the Void Born Home World option.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Master of Stores, senior hydrologists, guildmaster of Atmospheric Reclamators.

Important Skills
Blather: Often the ship’s steward must stall for time, distracting the crew from a shortage just long enough to acquire new provisions.
Survival: In the darkest of times, people must be fed from scavenged food, captured vermin, and less savoury victuals.

The careful rationing imposed by the ship’s steward doubles the effective provisions of a craft, allowing it to function for up to a year before the crew suffers the consequences of long voyages (see Rogue Trader page 227).

Ships Steward

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