The operation of a Rogue Trader’s vessel and the execution of endeavours requires uncountable amounts of wealth to be shuffled between investments and expenses on a daily basis, and the risk of loss is great. Financial officers must be prepared to balance enough books to fill a librarium many times over. In an economic climate where the single stroke of an autoquill can mean the difference between tragic loss and phenomenal gain, the purser must be tireless and ever vigilant. However, the purser also has a second duty, to ration payment and rewards to the crew serving aboard his ship. This often means the purser is loved and hated in turn, based on how forthcoming a crew’s pay is.

Career Preference
This Role is only available to characters with the Seneschal Career.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Senior financial managers, chartered accountants, the Master of Pensions.

Important Skills
Barter: Only the best prices and the shrewdest deals can keep one’s ledgers in the black.
Commerce: The Lord-purser must develop old investments while seeking out the new.
Evaluate: Everything has its price, and a purser must be able to quote that price at a moment’s notice.

When replenishing Morale by spending Achievement Points (Rogue Trader page 226), the Purser only has to spend 25 Achievement Points, and may always make a Routine (+20) Barter Test instead of a Charm Test. (This test is always Routine, no matter how many times Morale is replenished in this manner.)


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