Master of Whispers

Men and women are wilful creatures, given to secrets, deceit, disloyalty, and subterfuge. The Master of Whispers inhabits this realm; he seeks out and purge the crooked timbers and weak spars in the Rogue Trader’s crew. His agents hunt for the very same elements in rival Rogue Trader missions—but for the purpose of advantage and deception. Spies pledged to the Master of Whispers roam far beyond the void-ship’s bulkheads in search of precious knowledge, untended resources, and hidden weaknesses that can benefit the Lord-Captain’s mission.

Career Preference
This role is usually associated with the Seneschal Career but may also be selected by characters with the Missionary Career.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
A array of capable agents, master savant of the void-ship librarium, trusted spies in the crew.

Important Skills
Inquiry: Investigate crew unrest or uncover vital information from other groups.
Deceive: Keep the crew loyal and in high spirits, even if that means lies and corruption.
Interrogation: For more direct means of learning secrets
Scrutiny: To uncover what others wish to remain hidden.

The Master of Whispers gains a +10 bonus to the Disinformation Extended Action (see Rogue Trader page 216).

Master of Whispers

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