Master of Ordnance

The Master of Ordnance pledges to keep the void-ship’s weapons and fighting crew in the finest condition, and then directs them to destroy foes at the Lord-Captain’s order. He is responsible for the quality of gun-deck crews, the workings of the armoured munitions vaults deep within the vessel, and the operation of weapons in void-battle. If the vessel boasts torpedoes, fighter squadrons, or other more esoteric ordnance, then these crews and systems also fall under the Master’s purview.

Career Preference
This role is usually associated with the Arch-militant Career, but may also be selected by a character with the Void-master Career.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Assembled officers of each gun-deck, lance battery, and other ordnance system, munitions vault crew, commanding officer of small-craft squadrons.

Important Skills
Command: the varied battery and ordnance crews must fight as one, and the Master must lead them to do so.
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis): To use a weapon well, its place in the broader battle must be clear.
Trade (Voidfarer): Understanding the common practices of void-crew is necessary for those who direct their toil.

When firing ship weapons while benefiting from the Lock on Target Extended Action, the Master of Ordinance adds an additional +5 bonus to the Ballistic Skill Test.

Master of Ordnance

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