Master of Etherics

The Master of Etherics is responsible for the operation of the void-ship’s auspex and vox systems. Without auspex a vessel is blind, and without vox it is deaf and mute; the Master of Etherics stands at the Lord-Captain’s right hand, such is his worth, and to fail in his pledge is unthinkable. Dire regions beyond the Imperium are cloaked with the darkness of the unknown—the Master of Etherics must marshal his resources to overcome these hostile voids and light the path ahead with his vision.

Career Preference
This role is usually associated with the Void-master Career, but may also be selected by a character with the Arch-militant or Explorator Career.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Lesser auspex vault officers, lesser vox system officers, appointed Tech-Priest of Etherics.

Important Skills
Scrutiny, Tech-Use: Used in operating the ship’s auspex and vox systems.
Trade (Voidfarer): Understanding the common practices of void-crew is necessary for those who direct their toil. Appropriate knowledge Skills may be used to identify specific Components of an opposing vessel.

The Master of Etherics gains a +10 bonus to the Focused Augury Extended Action (see Rogue Trader page 217).

Master of Etherics

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