Master Helmsman

The Master Helmsman is responsible for safely piloting the vast vessel through the myriad threats of the void of space. A helmsman risen to be master of his profession must have a sixth sense for the dangers that can confound auspex and lead void-ships to ruin, and know how best to make use of his helm crew and their familiarity with a vessel’s character. The Master Helmsman must pilot not just the voids, but also the competing fiefdoms of enginarium, auspex, and bridge crew to ensure that every manoeuvre is accomplished to the Lord-Captain’s exacting standards.

Career Preference
This role is usually associated with the Void-master Career, but may also be selected by a character with the Explorator or Arch-Militant Career.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Helm crew, enginarium Tech-Priests, lesser auspex officers.

Important Skills
Pilot (Space Craft): Used for most manoeuvres and unexpected situations at the helm.
Scholastic Lore (Astromancy), Common Lore (Koronus Expanse): Useful in deciphering the subtleties of partial void-maps, or anticipating hidden dangers left uncharted.
Trade (Voidfarer): Understanding the common practices of void-crew is necessary for those who direct their toil.

The Master Helmsman gains a +10 bonus to the Evasive Manoeuvres Action (see Rogue Trader page 215).

Master Helmsman

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