Lord Captain

A void-ship is a mighty fortress, its Captain upon the command throne the feudal lord who accepts pledges of allegiance and fealty from his advisors, the commoner crew, and their elected spokesmen. The Lord-Captain is the ultimate decision-maker on matters of strategy, void-law, and negotiation, responsible for the lives and souls of all who pledge to his banner. The fate of thousands hangs upon his decisions, though a wise Lord-Captain takes council with his advisors and bridge crew, and listens well to their wisdom before giving his orders.

Career Preference
Only characters with the Rogue Trader Career may select this Role (unless the GM has good reason to allow otherwise).

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Personal guard company, emissaries of Imperial powers, subordinate officers of the ship.

Important Skills
Command: To impose the Lord-Captain’s will upon ship manoeuvres, lead boarding actions, or shame and break mutinous crew.
Charm: To restore flagging moral during long voyages far from Imperial stars.
Intimidate: It is sometimes necessary to compel the loyalty of recalcitrant servants.
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis): The Lord-Captain must lead decisively in matters of strategy and tactics.

The Lord-Captain gains a +10 bonus to the Hold Fast! Extended Action (see Rogue Trader page 218). If he possesses the Exceptional Leader ability (the class ability for Rogue Traders, see Rogue Trader page 72) he may grant it to anyone aboard his ship once per Strategic Round as a Free Action, ignoring the normal restrictions on who can benefit from this ability.

Lord Captain

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