Infernus Master

No shipboard danger is more devastating or frightening than fire, burning uncontrolled through a voidship’s corridors and decks. Even the smallest blaze can send a seasoned crew into a panic, trampling each other in the frenzy to escape through narrow corridors before the bulkhead is sealed in a vain attempt to keep the fire from spreading. During a conflagration, the Infernus Master is charged with keeping order and minimising the damage caused to equipment, personnel, and morale. The Infernus Master organises bucket chains, directs evacuations, and commands damage control crews brave enough to combat even the deadliest plasma flares.

Career Preferences
This Role may not be selected by characters with the Rogue Trader, Astropath Transcendent, Explorator, or Navigator careers.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Commanders of shipboard troops, aqueduct technicians, senior damage-control crew.

Important Skills
Command: Used when organising fire response teams.
Intimidate: Often needed to browbeat reticent crew into facing down a blaze.
Search: In order to spot fire hazards and assess the risks to fire control teams under the Infernus Master’s command.

The Infernus Master gains a +20 bonus to all Command Tests made to combat shipboard fires.

Infernus Master

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