High Factotum

The High Factotum is a maestro of the mechanisms of trade: negotiations, compacts, endless records, bribes, threats, and the filling and emptying of great-holds. Maintaining the crew at strength and obtaining needed supplies for the continuing operation of the void-ships is also the High Factotum’s concern. This is a realm in which corruption and honour walk hand in hand, and the path taken by Thrones is always twisted to private ends. The High Factotum has pledged to bring profit to the Lord-Captain’s venture, and will do whatever is necessary to keep both dock-scum and haughty, hidebound merchants in line.

Career Preference
This role is usually associated with the Seneschal Career, but may also be selected by characters with the Missionary Career.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Quartermasters, skilled negotiators and factors, officers of the common great-hold crew.

Important Skills
Barter: For less clear-cut trading operations, such as bolstering the crew through press-gangs or “recruiting” convicts from Imperial prisons.
Commerce: Vital to succeed in matters of commerce and negotiation.
Evaluate: Every trader lies, either to himself or to others. Establishing a true worth in any potential trade is of great importance.

Once per game session, the High Factotum may take up to 300 Achievement Points gathered towards the completion of one Endeavour and apply them to the completion of another.

High Factotum

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