Enginseer Prime

In the eyes of the Cult Mechanicus, an Imperial void-ship is a living shrine, rife with Tech-Adepts and servitors, its machine sections constantly rebuilt, repaired, and encrusted with shrines and prayer-works. Constant labour is necessary to sustain the vessel’s great machine spirit and so please the Omnissiah—and moreover, it is vital preparation to stand against the disorder of battle damage and the great efforts needed to repair such violations of a holy place. The Enginseer Prime directs this holy toil, and his solemn pledge to the Lord-Captain holds him responsible for maintenance of the void-ship’s strength, resilience, and tech-secrets.

Career Preference
In most vessels, this role is associated with the Explorator Career, but may also be selected by a character with the Missionary or Void-master Career.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Appointed Magos Enginarium, emissary of the Latheic Archmagi, aggregate council of machine-shrine Tech-Priests.

Important Skills
Tech-Use: For emergency and long-term repairs, or exhorting machine spirits to greater efforts during void-battle.
Chem-Use: Strange reagents are required throughout a voidship’s systems, and knowledge of these chemicals is vital.
Common Lore (Machine Cult), Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus): Servants of the Machine God must be salved and made calm by one who knows their ways, just like the machine spirits they serve.

The Enginseer Prime gains a +10 bonus to the Emergency Repairs Extended Action (see Rogue Trader page 216).

Enginseer Prime

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