Emperors Grace



…….. Emperors Grace


  • Population: 1 million (est)
  • Places of Note: none
  • Shipyards: Docking and repair facilities for all class of starships


Primary habitation: Habs for stationed personnel

Primary resource: Military instalation

Planetary importance: Level Red

Religious sect: Church Of His Burning Gaze, Within Acceptable Boundaries Fanatical _

The Emperors Grace is a large gothic military space station with the capabilities to outfit and repair the enormous emperor class battleship’s.

The crew aboard the emperors grace come from a wide range of imperial subjects, as tithed soldiers are brought in to replace any crewman unable to fulfill their duty. Those that are “retired” often stay aboard the massive station, raising their families in the dark downtrodden center of the station.

As a military vessel the doctrine of fear and loathe the mutant, witch, heretic and alien is extremely prominent. As well as this the monitoring of all trades, the recording of all transponders and the random spot checks makes most traders avoid docking when ever possible. Unfortunately this is the only Impirium controlled repair facility for many sectors.

Key Personnel

Emperors Grace

Only Muties and Starships vilo