A voidship’s enginearium is a sprawling complex filling many decks. Within this sepulchral facility countless ranks of enginseers work the rites that appease the machine spirits of the vessels roaring heart. Some among their number are schooled in special rituals that inspire the drive to greater efforts. The Drivesmaster is in charge of monitoring and maintaining the roaring plasma drives that form the heart of the ship. Though subservient to the Enginseer Prime, the Drivesmaster often maintains the plasma drives as his own fiefdom, where none but the Mechanicus and their servants are welcome.

Career Preference
This Role is open only to Explorators.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Enginseers of the Drive Temple, enginearium servitors, crewmembers who maintain the primary plasma conduits

Important Skills
Tech-Use: Without even the simplest of technoarcane rituals, the engine will not function.
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech): Each voidship’s drive is an ancient relic, little understood in these dark times.
Pilot (Space Craft): Without knowledge of what tasks a drive is meant to perform, an Drivesmaster cannot expect to guide its actions.

The Drivesmaster gains a +10 bonus to the Flank Speed Extended Action (see Rogue Trader page 217).


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