Chief Bosun

Voidfarers are often trained from birth in the tasks they will be expected to perform aboard ship, and this training does not end when a position is secured. To keep skills sharp, all crew are expected to participate in regular drills and practice sessions. A steady regimen of drills makes for an efficient crew. The Chief Bosun also serves as the enforcer of discipline aboard a vessel.

Career Preference
This Role is open to Arch-militants, Missionaries, Seneschals, and Void-masters.

Examples of Immediate Subordinates
Watch leaders, bonded shipwrights, armsmen commanders.

Important Skills
Command: A rating is expected to answer the call to drill as if the order came from the Lord-Captain himself.
Intimidation: Fear inspires discipline, and loyalty.
Trade (Shipwright): The Ship’s Bosun is expected to know all essential duties aboard ship, and must be ready to instruct the ignorant in how their tasks are to be done.

The Chief Bosun provides a +5 bonus to the ship’s NPC Crew Rating, As long as the Chief Bosun is aboard, Command Tests involving the ship’s crew suffer no penalties for reduced Morale.

Chief Bosun

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