Carto Artifex

The void and the warp contain dangers that often mean death for those who venture forth unprepared. The best way to survive such dangers is to avoid them entirely. To this end, a wise Lord-Captain consults his Carto Artifex before any voyage. This master of charts and hololithic maps is charged with finding safe routes and circumventing danger. The secrets of the void and the warp are laid bare before his vast knowledge of the tides and current of the immaterium.

Career Preferences
Seneschals, Navigators, Explorators, and other Explorers with a scholarly bent can serve in this Role.

Examples of immediate Subordinates
Navigator House archivists, keeper of the librarium, deep void auger operator.

Important Skills
Trade (Astrographer): A Carto-artifex is expected to interpret old maps and constantly revise new ones.
Navigation (Stellar and Warp): When a safe course has been determined, it must be plotted and followed.
Forbidden Lore (Navigators): The insular Houses often issue false maps to confuse enemies, and maintain secret routes for their own convenience.

The Carto-artifex gains a +10% bonus to all Awareness and Perception Test made during Warp Navigation (see Rogue Trader page 183), and when detecting stellar phenomena (see Rogue Trader page 226).

Carto Artifex

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