Falkars Sword

The sword that forged a Hero

weapon (melee)

This obsidian looking blade was wielded by the warrior known as Falkar. It was used in the assault of Yavins Pride defended by M’k’n’zy and D’ndais mother, a warrior queen of the errant station in the Koronus Expanse.

When M’k’n’zy was attacked by Falkar, the Chaos Warrior laughed as he “taught the whelp a lesson”. The resulting scar which bisects the right side of his face, almost took out M’k’n’zys eye. It taught him to always have a plan, to never rely on just passion, and to work to settle old scores. He vowed that one day, Falkar would pay for his crime, at M’k’n’zys own hand.

Falkar lost his sword during a viscious counterattack by station forces, and M’k’n’zy found it and kept it as a reminder of his oath, and as a physical embodiment of his desire to destroy Falkar. He has developed a rather unhealthy obsession with something that is, after all, just a primitive weapon. He see’s it as part of his soul given form and usually hangs it, pride of place, in the room he spends the majority of his time in (which is currently the Bridge of the Immaterium Gleaming)

Weapon Class Damage Pen Notes
Falkars Sword Primitive 1d10+SB 0 Best Quality, Balanced, Primitive

Falkars Sword

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