Varis Nore

The Hireling

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
36 40 31 40 44 49 51 34 58


Varis Nore

Only Muties and Starships Axykor

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Awareness (Per)51
Barter (Fel)58
Carouse (T)20
Charm (Fel)58
Climb (S)15
Command (Fel)29
Commerce (Fel)58
Common Lore (Int)
-Machine Cult24
Concealment (Ag)42
Contortionist (Ag)22
Deceive (Fel)58
Disguise (Fel)58
Dodge (Ag)44
Evaluate (Int)49
Forbidden Lore (Int)
Gamble (Int)24
Inquiry (Fel)58
Intimidate (S)15
Literacy (Int)49
Logic (Int)24
Scrutiny (Per)25
Search (Per)25
Secret Tongue (Int)
-Rogue Trader49
Security (Ag)44
Silent Move (Ag)44
Speak Language (Int)
-Low Gothic49
-Traders Cant49
Swim (S)15
-Archeologist (Int)49