Pre Captain Crew

1st Officer Aestaban

One of the oldest chosen, he has been in charge of the crew for almost 20 years. His word is law and command skills are exceptional.

Security officer Orthesian,

Has been in charge of the crews security force for 3 years now. when ever any breaches of ship protocol she is there to meet out the ships justice.

Master of arms Cymbry,

Responisble for the upkeep of all personal weaponry and the correct use of the turret that festoon the ship.

Techpriest Asskie,

The role of techpriest has been forgotten and twisted over time, but primarily she runs general maintenance and repairs to the systems that they are able to understand.

Navigationater Gilltarn,

The role of navigator was whispered to be a special and mystic position aboard the ship and was needed for the ship to take flight through the heavens. As such the position has been twisted to be like a priest looking into the stars guiding the unfaithful and helping to bring them back to the heavens.

Astronamncer Lorayne

The Astropath was also regarded as sacred but instead of bringing them through the heavens like the Navigator the Astropath could communicate with anyone meaning they could never be silenced. as such the astromancer has become an adjudicator among the ships crew. she listens to the crews many problems and helps to resolve them before the security detail can step in. She also serves as a liaison between crew and first officer to ensure everyone and everything is ok.

Pre Captain Crew

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