Venomous Kroot

Career Path: Kroot Mercenary Rank: 1 Homeworld: Pech Kindred: Headhunter
Gender: Female Build: Athletic Height: 6’7 Weight: 17st 10
Skin Colour: Purple Hair Colour: Blue Eye Colour: Black Age: 29
42 34 33 44 55 28 35 39 26
Awareness (PE) 35
Barter (FE)
Carouse (TO)
Charm (FE)
Command (FE)
Concealment (AG) 65
Contortionist (AG)
Deceive (FE)
Disguise (FE)
Dodge (AG) 55
Evaluate (IN)
Gamble (IN)
Inquiry (FE)
Intimidate (ST)
Logic (IN)
Scrutiny (PE)
Search (PE)
Silent Move (AG) 65
Swim (ST)


  • Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Eaters Of The Dead – After eating a fresh corpse, gain wounds = it’s TO bonus. Extra wounds cannot exceed my TO bonus. Wounds last TO bonus hours, or until each wound healed by normal means. Lost. Healing is x2 normal speed during this time, and 1 extra wound gained for eating a new corpse overrides effects of the previously eaten one.
  • Exotic Weapon Training (Kroot Rifle)
  • Fieldcraft – +10 Shadowing, SilentMove + Concealment. Forests etc= open terrain
  • Heightened Senses (Sight + Hearing) +10 awareness when using eyes/ears.
  • Kindred: Headhunter – Automatically pass TO tests to resist poison. Beak becomes Toxic rather than Primitive
  • Kroot Beak – Natural Weapon 1d5 + SB R, Primitive
  • Kroot Physiology – If armour > 3AP, lose Fieldcraft and Unnatural Perception
  • Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Mercenary – May roll against profit factor to resist fear or pinning.
  • Non-Imperial – -10 on Common Lore, Scholastic Lore and Forbidden Lore
  • Speak Not Unto The Alien – FE tests are 2 steps harder when talking to non-kroot. Ship Morale decreases by 2.
  • Unnatural Strength (x2) – Double ST bonus

Toxi was born on Pech as almost all of her kindred had been. After the great celebration, eggs were sent home to be raised in the rainforest of their homeworld by those unable to travel and work. She hatched alongside 23 siblings to the hot, humid environment – unaware of the dangers of simply being alive.

15 of that clutch made it to 6 months old, at which point less risks were assumed due to the kroot’s larger size and more developed claws and beak. It was a fairly large group, as at least half of the hatchlings were usually carried off by larger predators at one point or another. Not a failing of the carers of course, this ‘hands-off’ approach ensured that the surviving kids would actually be useful to the Kindred.

Toxi was nothing special. She played well with her siblings and could hold her own in their little fights and squabbles. While she had a healthy curiosity, it never put her in too much danger. A successful chick, as the Kroot crave acceptance of the group.

Formal education began at age 2. Until then, their main learning was language. Carers spoke to them in Kroot, Low Gothic and Tau to ensure each of them could natively communicate with almost anyone they were likely to contact. They were taught the basics such as Math, Combat, Shooting, Archery, and all about the types of creatures that should or should not be eaten.

Three years later, they are picked up by the ship to finish schooling and learn about the life they will lead with their clan. Although it was strange to go into space, Toxi felt like she was where she belonged – will all of her Kindred doing what they loved best. Another 7 years saw her an old hand at life on board. Now 12, she was fully mature and ready for initiation, as were her fellow hatchlings. Each one was posed a different contract to barter, complete and during such find a ‘nourishing’* beast.

Toxi’s test was rather simple for the latter, she was to steal a piece of treasure from a monster’s cave. She did not know what the thing was, like some oversized toad it was neon blue with claws and a long, sticky tongue. Playing to her strengths, she took the beast by surprise and stabbed its soft throat with her claws. Priorities, she then had a delicious meal before delving into the dark to find something shiny. A golden box of some sort was half-buried beneath other, less metallic, treasures.

She plucked the box from its place and bounded back to the ship, simply relieved that she had fulfilled her duty. Those that did not were sent back to Pech to raise the next clutch, at the end of which they may re-try the test. The Kroot bristled with excitement on presentation day. Only two of their group did not make the grade. Toxi and her siblings queued up by the armoury door to receive armour and a weapon of choice. Being skilled in stealth, and a decent marksman, Toxi asked for the rifle.

Life was sweet as a private. The more experienced Kroot would deal with contracts, the Shaper would teach them who to eat, and Toxi lived and worked with her fellow kindred – mostly as a kind of sniper. In her downtime she enjoyed helping the chefs and playing a form of rugby with her kindred. She even managed to convince the others to play hide and seek now and again, but they were not fond of losing!

At 22 it was time to step up as she was ‘promoted’. She had a little more say in whole-kindred contracts, and would sometimes have to work in a smaller, specialised group – or even on her own. There were new graduates to look up to her now. Shit just got real! She handled it well, however, and found herself being tipped generously for some of the solo missions.

In a twist of fate, their ship was passing near Footfall in 813.M41, when the Maw shut them in. There was little work to be had, so initially they put their efforts to finding more exotic ‘nourishment’*. And then a war started. Good fortune for the Kroot, as they were the only kindred nearby so were snapped up to fight. A couple of months in, Toxi happened to be speaking to one of the elders when a human walked in to request a bodyguard. Well he sent me off to do this one. Guard the man’s daughter. Simple.

Or perhaps not so simple. This girl was crazy! She had boys attempting to enter her bedchamber, she’d run off for no apparent reason. She’d even grab a gun and try to go fight. I spent the war bounding after this creature and diving in the way of danger. As a little added extra, I offered to take the place of her food taster, given that the job was much less lethal to me. Some days, I wished that it was! After what seemed like a century, the Maw re-opened and my job was done. To my horror, the human wanted to give me a special honour in front of everyone for stopping so many attempts on his daughter’s life. I mentioned the name of the ship, and tried not to be too offensive. Maybe this would get us our next job, although I simply wished to be as far from this planet as possible.

A couple of weeks later we were almost ready to fly, when a navigator approached one of the elders. He had specifically come for me after the crazy girl. I was not keen at all to take up an indefinite contract away from my kindred, but the man from house Minos offered a very fine payment. This would make up for us having to work for peanuts during our time on Footfall. “Unity is not like the president’s daughter.” He said. “I am sure you will get on like a house on fire.”

Unconvinced, I said my goodbyes and followed the navigator.

*Nourishing in this sense means to better your own DNA and that of the kindred.


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