Mackenzie Calhoun

A nascent Rogue Trader with a deep purple gaze.


Name: Mackenzie (M’k’n’zy) Calhoun
Race: Human
Career / Rank: Rogue Trader (3) (Former Xenographer)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Violet
Age: 27
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 75kg

50 35 43 34 41 57 42 41 47


  • Awareness (42)
  • Barter (47)
  • Charm (47)
  • Ciphers (Rogue Trader) (57)
  • Command (47)
  • Commerce (47)
  • Common Lore: Imperium (57) (-5 if not relating directly to Koronus Expanse)
  • Common Lore: Koronus Expanse (57)
  • Common Lore: Rogue Traders (57) (-5 if not relating directly to Koronus Expanse)
  • Dodge (41)
  • Evaluate (67)
  • Forbidden Lore: Xenos (77)
  • Intimidate (43)
  • Literacy (57)
  • Pilot (Spacecraft) (41)
  • Psyniscience (42)
  • Scholastic Lore: Astromancy (57)
  • Speak Language: Eldar (67)
  • Speak Language: High Gothic (57)
  • Speak Language: Low Gothic (57)
  • Speak Language: Kroot (57)
  • Speak Language: Ork (57)
  • Speak Language: Traders Cant (57)
  • Survival (57)
  • Tech Use (57)
  • Trade (Voidfarer) (57)


  • Air of Authority (Command Tests Affect 1d10 + Fellowship Bonus)
  • Ambidextrous (No Off-hand Penalty)
  • Dark Soul (Half Penalties for Malignancy Tests)
  • Exotic Weapon Talent (Shuriken Cannon)(Allows proficient use of the Shuriken Cannon)
  • Foresight (By spending 10 minutes analysing a Situation, Mac gains a +10 to the next Int Test for it)
  • Jaded (Do not gain Insanity or Fear Tests from Mundane means. Terrors of the Warp still effective)
  • Melee Weapons Training (Universal and Primitive)
  • Peer (Underworld) (+10 to Fellowship When Dealing With The Underworld)
  • Pistol Weapon Training (Universal)
  • Polyglot (Can “Get By” in Most Languages (Treat Unskilled Languages as if They Were at 14%)
  • Quick Draw (Can Ready 1 Handed Melee, and Pistol/Basic Ranged Weapons as Free Action)
  • Renowned Warrant (+10 to Interaction Skills with traders and Imperial officials, etc)
  • Rival (Inquisition) (-10 to Fellowship When Dealing With The Inquisition)
  • Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) (Can Attack With 2 Melee Weapons (-20 Penalty To Both))

Fate Points: 4


  • Two Common Quality Power Swords
  • Best Quality Sword (Taken from The Being Who Gave Him The Scar – Trophy/Backup)
  • Common Quality Plasma Pistol (From Uncles stash)
  • Best Quality Enforcer Light Carapace Armour (AP 6, All Locations)
  • Common Quality Inferno Pistol
  • Microbead
  • Void Suit
  • Fine Clothing
  • Grapnel
  • Data Slate
  • Auspex/Scanner
  • Best Quality Photovisor Contacts (Darksight and Flash Compensation)

The Story of Mackenzie Calhoun, Rogue Trader

In 789.M41 Rogue Trader Johann Lucius Calhoun briefly visits Footfall on the Koronus side of the Maw. He has an affair with a beautiful but violent local warlord in the employ of Rogue Trader Aspyce Chorda. A child is conceived, and a few months later born. His mother names him M’k’n’zy after her father (M’k’n’zys Grandfather) and teaches him the ways of a warrior-born. She also fills his head with tales of the voidborn Rogue Trader that was his father, who’s shockingly violet eyes the young child has inherited. Filled with wonder and adventure, the young M’k’n’zy is a refreshing change from the darker, seedier types that call Footfall their home.

Young M’k’n’z’y is raised with his (half) brother D’ndai, in a lifestyle of fast and often deadly events, culminating by the age of 14 in witnessing his mothers bloody death at the hands of a Chaos Warrior called Falkar. Cut adrift, no longer a part of Chorda’s retinue, M’k’n’zy learns to survive by the strength of his arm, and the speed of his mind. In the Koronus Expanse “survival of the fittest” does not refer to just strength but also to intelligence, and willpower. M’k’n’zy vowed that one day Falkar would be on his knees before him, and on that day, Falkar would die.

In the variable gravity of Footfalls alleyways and buildings, composing a wretched hive of scum and villainy, the young boy discovered a talent for matching people up with what they needed, and in doing so, gained somewhat of a reputation amongst the dark side of Footfall society. Even as young as he was, M’k’n’zy was a capable Fixer, knowing just who to talk to, to get what was needed, done. His quick mind and ready wit also served him in good stead with the countless visitors to his homeworld. His ability to pick up languages and idioms makes it easier for him to converse with human and xeno alike.

Two years later, in 805.M41, the newly adult M’k’n’zy finally gets to meet his Father, as Johann Lucius Calhoun returns to Footfall on the way to dispatch warp worshipper Karrad Vall. Unaware of having had a son, but unable to deny his heritage because of the intense violet gaze, Johann spends a year on footfall, setting up a semi-permanent presence and introducing M’k’n’zy to the rest of his extended family. Johanns wife Eline does not take as kindly to the new addition to the family as the rest of the line does, however, do to his being a reminder of her husbands unfaithfulness. She does not show this disdain for M’k’n’zy in front of Johann, however, who continues on, unaware.

Towards the end of 806.M41, M’k’n’zy is formally recognised and adopted into the Family, changing his name to ‘Mackenzie’ for ease of pronunciation. Unable to take this insult, Eline manipulates events to have him brokered out to a powerful merchant called Justinian Krin of Port Wander as part of a “trade agreement” with him for supplies and outfitting, to removing Mackenzie from her sight and presence. He is taken aboard a spaceship for the first time, and takes to the experience like a duck to water. His only problem with the situation coming in the form of the almost slave-like conditions within which he is kept. Straining against these metaphorical shackles, Mackenzie shines in the service of Krin’s merchant factor. He learns all about the Imperium side of the Maw, and about other Rogue Traders that his new master does business with, while still keeping in touch with his father, via a friendly Navigator who passes messages back and forth for the indentured young man. Mackenzie in turn works upon the systems within the ship, learning the basics of maintenance and repair and becoming a familiar and recognisable figure with his intense gaze burning with simmering anger and injustice.

A couple of years into his indentured servitude with Justinian Krin, the powerful leader himself is slain by a “shining phantom” while attending a grand feast, his body swiftly dissolving to toxic slime after the attack. No one can determine who or what perpetrated the attack, or where it came from. The Krin faction offer a standing reward of a great sum in thrones or a fully outfitted warp-capable frigate to the person or persons who can prove beyond shadow of a doubt who is responsible for the attack. During the confusion, Mackenzie and a few other indentured ‘assets’ fight to defend various faction members, one of whom is attacked by a primitive looking tribesman wielding a vicious looking sword. The tribesman is ultimately defeated by Mackenzie, but not before the sword slices through his face, leaving a wicked looking scar which almost (if it was not for his fast reactions) bisects the eye. Defeating the creature, Mackenzie claims its sword, as a reminder of how lucky he was, and how dangerous the most seemingly “primitive” opponent can be.

As a thank you to Mackenzie for saving his life, the member of the Krin faction he saved releases him from the contract his step-mother had bound him to. Knowing better than letting his step mother know he is free, Mackenzie hires on as Crew on an exploratory vessel heading deeper into the Koronus Expanse. Amongst the crew of the vessel, Mackenzie finds an Astropath, a pair of renegade Eldar, an Ork family, along with other xenos and a couple of lowly mutants. They explore the Expanse for a number of years before the vessel is almost destroyed in battle with the Rak’Gol Marauders. It barely limps off to the (relative) safety of the Dead World called Jerazol.

Surviving, barely, on Jerazol and helping with repairs to the ship bonds the crew in ways that Mackenzie would not have thought possible, and he comes to see the crew (human and xeno alike) as Family. He slowly comes to see xenos and mutants as valuable additions to the family and worthy of his respect and support, a view that he knows the vaunted ‘Imperium’ would likely hunt him down for having. Ship repairs on the resource shy Dead World take a long time, and it is a number of years before the Void Phoenix (as the ship becomes re-christened) rises again.

No sooner has the ship relaunched, than a VoxCast is received, telling Mackenzie that his father is dead. The news hitting him hard, Mackenzie departs from his crew, promising to keep in touch. His uncle Vilo gets in touch privately to tell him about the competition that Eline has organised to choose who gains the vaunted Warrant for the continuation of the fading Familys fortunes. Unable to officially help Mackenzie, His uncle directs him to a hidden Stash of equipment including a suit of light carapace armour, a plasma pistol and 8 clips and a powersword, telling him that Johann would have been proud of the man he became, and to try his hardest to keep who he is in his heart, and not be changed by the ‘great game’. His mother against him, alone against the universe, Mackenzie sets his sights on the Warrant and the freedom to serve his fathers memory that it provides.


Mackenzie (Mac to his Family) is a headstrong, intense and driven man. His violet gaze smouldering with the sights no man should ever see, but which have seemed to dog him every step of the way.

He is a proud man, but loyal to those he considers Family. No amount of thrones would get him to betray his chosen blood. This loyalty is mirrored in those around him who seem to somehow react better, respond faster and try harder, because of the sense of pride and purpose he instills.

He reacts badly to slavery and forced servitude, however, due to the experiences of his youth (being ‘traded’ away like a commodity by his step mother). He can become downright unreasonable where such things are concerned.

He does however, have no ingrained intolerance for xenos or mutants. He takes each person as he finds them, regardless of genetics and origin. For cannot a poor son of a warrior rise to command a stellar hierarchy? Each man is what and who they are. No matter the colour of their skin, the shape of their ears, or the location of their reproductive organs.

Mackenzie Calhoun

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